When people think about adoption, many think “what a beautiful and philanthropic act” and while it can be, the true reality about adopting a child is that it is very expensive.  An average adoption costs $40,000 and the average household income in our country is $54,000.  You don’t have to be a math expert to see that adoption is priced out of reach for many who want to build their families this way. Even for families whose household income is above the national average, the lump sum cost of adoption can be a difficult expense.   At we think about the 150 million vulnerable children around the globe for whom adoption is the answer, but if people can’t afford it, what does that mean?

Founded in 2007,’s mission is to alleviate the financial constraints adoption can present. The organization provides adoption grants, up to $15,000, to couples and individuals regardless of their race, ethnicity, marital status, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. In addition, no applicant is ever charged an application fee. Since its inception, has given over $1.4 million dollars in adoption grants to help build 168 families. In many instances the grants awards are the financial bridge needed for a vulnerable child to find a loving, nurturing home.




This Mother’s Day, we hope that you will consider a contribution to in honor of the 150 million children around the globe who are celebrating Mother’s Day without one. 

At we believe that no donation is too small.  $20 can change the life of a child. 

Every Dollar Counts!

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